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Hi. I'm Caroline Ducobu, an Auckland - based photographer from Belgium. 


My clients range from individuals to large corporations. I am versatile and creative, with a passion for taking evocative photographs.


I was first introduced to photography by my dad, Jean-Pierre Ducobu. He always had a Nikkormat in his hands recording all our moves on his camera, resulting in unforgettable slideshows with the family! I went on to study photography at St Luc School of Fine Art, Liege, Belgium and graduated in 1994. Since then, I’ve worked as a professional photographer in Europe, the United Kingdom, and since 2001, New Zealand.


I offer a wide range of photographic services:


·    Real estate photography. I work with either agents or vendors directly, as preferred. I have photographed over 5000 homes, interiors and gardens, commercial properties and apartments. I work with Auckland’s leading real estate agents, architects, interior designers and building companies.

·         Website photography for businesses. Company profiles, premises, personnel, company events, products/services, social media.

·    Photography for marketing collateral e.g. brochures, catalogues, web, etc.

·    Portraits – both personal and business (including corporate headshots)
·    Events – corporate and personal
·    Weddings

·    Magazine photography

·    Case studies – various industries. ‘Before, during and after’ case studies for those requiring this sort of coverage, e.g. engineering firms, interior designers, architects, construction companies, etc.

·    Drone photography – up to 120 metres. For real estate and venues, it is a brilliant way of showcasing a property in the context of its location.

·    Photography and copywriting packages. I work with a professional writer,

Bridget Ellis-Pegler. If you need words along with your images, ask about this service.

·    Photoshopping. I offer retouching and editing services, including the restoration of old photographs.

All enquiries warmly welcomed.

Caroline Ducobu photographer
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